Seminar Objectives

Gain the tools to become self-reliant for your health needs and help others with theirs

Memorize and complete a foot zone on a client in under an hour

Have a basic understanding of how the body works

Be confident in the use of muscle testing

Learn how emotions affect our health and how to shift those emotions in positive ways

Appropriately use basic essential oils

Create peace and confidence within yourself so you may better serve those who will need your help

Apply the creating and attracting business principles as taught by Bob Proctor

Graduation Requirements

Get a B or better

Finish the course materials with at least a B average or better. Assignments can be repeated as many times as you need. This will include an anatomy and physiology test and a comprehensive exam.

Complete the Drawing Test

As part of your final exam, you will draw out each movement in detail over pictures of feet. This will certify that you understand placement, order, and sequence of the entire foot zone.

Complete the Practical Exam

This is your final exam. You will sit down with a qualified foot zone therapist and perform the foot zone on their feet. This will require you to travel to the nearest examiner.

Needed Materials

Foothold Tutorials

If you pay for the whole seminar, these tutorials are included in your tuition. If you pay month-to-month, you will purchase them separately.

The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

As an alternative you may wish to use the essential oil book from the company you purchase oils from. I have you research these companies as part of the course.

Essentials of Human Anatomy & Physiology (10th Edition)

by Elaine N Marieb ISBN-13: 978-0321695987

Feelings Buried Alive Never Die,

by Karol K. Truman ISBN-13: 978-0911207026


Pay in Full

Pay per Session


The Foothold Tutorials are included with purchase and is a 10% savings when compared with the pay per session cost. To pay in full, please contact us.

$400 per session

The course is divided into six sessions. You can pay for each session separately. The Foothold Tutorials are not included with a per-session purchase and must be purchased separately.

Seminar Locations

Stephanie Marcum

Laie, Hawaii

Stephanie Marcum, the owner of Foothold, teaches in Laie. She has been foot zoning since 2005. She graduated from We Do Feet Seminars in 2006 and then taught for them in from 2008-2011. When moving to Hawaii in 2011 she started her own training program after seeing so few had access to such programs outside the intermountain west. She created the online curriculum to fill this need. In addition to helping others practice foot zone therapy, Stephanie also wanted to help those who simply wanted to foot zone their families. So, she created the Foothold Tutorials to allow the foot zone to be learned by anyone. She has a passion for foot zoning and helping every household have access to alternative and complimentary therapies.


Apple Valley, Utah

Apple Valley is a small town in southern Utah, with front door views of Zion National Park , & panoramic views of everything else that makes southern Utah so beautiful. It is also the place D.D. Black, her husband & their 7 , very active , children love to call home. D.D.’s love for nature & the awe-inspiring beauty of how it all works, inspires her love for Foot Zoning & the great privilege she has in sharing it with others – whether one comes seeking support for their own health & wellness, or for that of another as a caregiver. D.D. cherishes this privilege to help support others in learning & living the gift of our greatest roles as caregivers within the walls of our own homes, & beyond. As she shares, “This truly is one of the greatest gifts we are given.”


Lehi, Utah

Jamie is a wife and mother of 3 and has a deep love and gratitude for that gift. She started her own journey of natural healing in 2010 after she was diagnosed with CKD, depression and more. Through inspiration from God she found what it was He wanted her to learn to find healing. Her path lead her to learning many things in the alternative healing field. One of those things she found that made a huge impact was Footzoning and Energy Medicine. She fell in love with serving others in their own health journeys and is in the midst of publishing her own book about her journey to wholeness(The Living Diet and Breaking Chronic Disease). Jamie is very passionate about teaching Footzoning, the Healing Arts and everything she has learned along the way. She especially loves helping people recognize their gifts in zoning and better utilize them in their practice for even deeper affects through the Footzone. She is so grateful to share such an amazing education and tool with those who have a desire to learn!


Pleasant View, Utah

Emily Lee has always had a passion for concepts of health and healing. She was traditionally trained and worked as a Registered Nurse primarily in the NICU. As she began to raise her own children her interest and focus shifted towards more wholistic approaches. In 2010 she graduated from ‘We Do Feet Seminars’ and began offering the blessing of foot zone therapy to her family and others. She loves that the foot zone incorporates healing not only physically, but emotionally as well. Some of Emily’s other interests include reading, hiking/trail running, ping-pong, eating out, and most importantly, finding ways to express her absolute delight in her husband and 5 children. Emily is passionate about empowering others as they seek greater health and joy in their lives and is grateful for the opportunity to help people heal through foot zoning.

Online Seminar

If our course locations are not near you, we have an online option just for you. The curriculum is interactive and intuitive. Discussion boards help you to interact with other potential zoners and the instructor. You will learn from both the curriculum and the other student experiences. Video chats allow you to get personal training from the instructor. Keep in mind, even though all the course work can be done online and through video chat, the final practical test must be done in person with a qualified foot zone therapist. We can help to find one as close to you as possible.

Questions? Contact Us

Whether you want to get a zone or learn the zone, Foothold can help. Feel free to contact us with questions.